Finally another comic! Sorry for the delay on the delivery but I also study and intern and go out with friends and sometimes I don’t have the time to upload. I’ll try to stick to my own schedules tho.

So, today’s comic is about… tolerance, I think? I don’t know. I wanted to do a comic about how much I hate patterned leggings but how I’ll keep my opinions to myself and also defend you if people mock you for wearing leggings if you’re fat/a male/whatever.

Because hey, everyone has the right to wear what they like. 

So, misquoting Voltaire, this.

Also do I suck at drawing clothes? Yes

Edit: I always forget to add my signature. ._.

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Cats. Hoarding personal space since… forever.

I made this comic for the hourly comic challenge, but then I didn’t finished the challenge so I edited it in illustrator. You can see the original in my instagram. 

Aaaand this is it, the official beggining of Alo! Alito!! -sound of her own claps followed by one small firework- 

Welcome to this space. Expect a new comic every wednesday, luckily with a better resolution than this one.

Thanks to my cat Maga for unwillingly and unknowningly participating in this comic. 

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