Is 2014 and still there are people who thinks that women dress for men. 

Is a good time to continue with this project. 

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virginusakun Here you go, virgin boy~

I actually just traced a piece of original art, sorry, I didn’t know how to draw the character, and after all the challenge was about the color, so as a retribution (?) I did both palettes. :D~

The hardest one was the pink one because it doesn’t has as many bright colors as the other one. It was fun, tho. 


And if you’re monitoring the palette challenge tagg send me challenges :D

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I kept seeing that palette meme going around, but wasn’t particularly fond of all the super-high-saturation or low-value ranges. For anyone that wants to try something a little different, here you go.

Have fun, everyone!

I wanted to do the other palette challenge but a friend sent me a challenge from this list by mistake so I said hey why not is interesting.

Stay tuned to see the complete work. 

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I should be working on my recent project but this is fun too. :3

Send me some of these and I’ll eventually upload them?

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Weekly comic poster finished! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧My ability to procrastinate my own deadlines keep suprising me

I wish I hadn’t have to be making a comic about how we dress as we like because we like it and not because we want to make your boners confused, because I mean at this time should be just obvious but what could I do?! some guys just don’t get it. 

Also this has probably have been done a million times before but I wanted to draw chubby megucas and hair ribbons. uvu

This is just the first part of a bigger project! I mean to make a bigger poster including at least 16 women showing their reasons for dressing the way they do. You can make suggestions and see all the characters on the next weeks here :3

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I didn’t want to fill this blog with reblogs but aww. 

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This happens more often than you can think. 

And since for now most of my followers are people I have in facebook I’ll post it here. :B

People if you are going to tagg me in a thing, PLEASE don’t tagg me in feminist nazi memes, don’t tagg me in privilege denying feminist c*nt memes, and in general just don’t tagg me in offensive things… unless you want my help in a discussion or something like that. Are we clear? D: 

And yeah that’s this week comic. See you next week~

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We’ll continue with our normal programation next week. 

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“I’ve been thinking (…). That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Thinking. It’s part of me as a scientist. What have you’ve been up to?”

What a beautiful dork.

I was bored so I vectorized an old sketch I had of Carlos, the Night Vale scientist, thinking about life. Or science. Or Cecil. You’ll never know. 

Then I colored it. Shadowing? What is that?

I’ll be uploading more fanarts as I make more, not just from night vale but from my other fandoms as well. Maybe I’ll upload a pdf template for all your printing needs soon.

Also expect tomorrow’s random comic as usual. :D

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You know what time it is? Time for sorta-weekly comic!

Today topic is depression, and how people react to your mood swings when you’re already medicated. I had this problem with my mother in the past, but I think she’s starting to understand that my anti-depressants aren’t magic pills.

And that’s what I want people to know, that antidepressants are there to make your brain work better, but that you can’t help feeling sad once in a while (obviously if your brain is working “right” sad would maybe mean sad and not suicidal and in despair, but it depends on how well are your meds working, I think).

About the “technical” aspects of the comic, well, first comic in color! Aren’t you excited? Yeah, I’m not particulary excited either.

Also sorry to my mom and my sister if I exaggerated a little with their depiction of theirselves. 

See you next friday for more illustrated bitching! (?)

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